Hi Foundation students and families,

Have you found yourself getting tired, sore, dry or blurry eyes and headaches? Or even getting a little stuck on choosing what activity to do next that is engaging and does not involve a screen?

Well then, we have the answer for you…Green Time!

In a world where we find ourselves already relying on and using technology a lot, you may find yourselves using it even more during the current COVID circumstances.

It is so important for students, and adults, to have a break from digital technologies each day, and to find a balance between screen time and time away from the screen. We call these breaks or activities ‘Green Time’. 

There is new research coming out regularly about the benefits of Green Time on individuals cognitive, emotional and physical development including building resilience and imagination in children.

Some recommendations even involve not looking at screens one to two hours before bed to let our eyes and brains relax in order for us to get a good night’s sleep.

If you would like to know more about Green Time you may like to have a look at the following resources and articles:

Here are some suggested Green Time activities we have included in the daily slides.

Parents, you might even like to take your kids on a trip back to your childhood and show them some of the things you loved to do when technology and T.V was not accessible. 

We hope you take some time to enjoy every screen free chance you get!

Thank you,

Clara, Diana, Nicole, Sarah.