During Maths we having been learning about Measurement.

We have been using informal units of measurement such as our hand span, foot, match sticks, and blocks to measure items.

Before we measure we estimate how long it will be.

We use language such as ‘longer,’ ‘shorter’ and accurate.’

You might like to measure some items around your house and practice using the measurement language.

Photo’s of our Father’s!

Dear Foundation Parents,

To celebrate and remember St Joseph we will be talking about our own Father’s and the qualities they have. We will be comparing this with how St Joseph was to Jesus.

We thought it might be nice if students brought in photographs of their own father (grandfather or special man in their life.)

Please bring your photo to school in Week 8 or send a photo to your Home group teacher to be printed at school.

Thank you,

Clara, Nicole, Sarah, Diana.

Discovery Learning Week 7

Today during Discovery learning we used our fine motor skills to pull apart some wilted Sunflowers. We rubbed off the tiny flowerettes and found a surprise underneath them.

We used our senses to describe the smell, taste, touch and sight of the Sunflowers and their seeds. Using magnifying glasses we inspected the Sunflower seeds and even saw some little hairs covering them.

Together we brainstormed what we can do next with the Sunflowers and their seeds. We decided that we will dry some out to eat them and plant some in the garden. Anna shared a book with us that taught us how to turn them into Bird feeders. They are now hanging in our learning space to dry out before we make the bird feeders.

We can’t wait to explore further with the sunflowers!

Enter the Caritas K’s competition this Friday

This week’s Caritas Friday fundraiser links to Arsad’s story. Arsad is from Indonesia and with no toilet in their house, his family had to use the forest instead. With the help of Caritas, Arsad was able to participate in hygiene and sanitation training and he worked with the community to build working toilets for homes. 

This week we stand in solidarity with those who often have to walk for basic food, services and supplies with our Caritas Ks competition. Get your pedometers ready for Friday and get walking. Follow the steps below to enter!

Please note: You can bring a donation and walk even if you don’t have a pedometer!

Language Experience

This week for Language Experience we explored different big books. We looked at letter sound relationships, words, sentences and simple punctuation. Through hands on experiences we explored the texts: Mrs Wishy Washy, If you meet a Dragon and The Monsters Party.


These are the children washing the animals after reading Mrs Wishy Washy and learning about the letter Ww. Can you tell your parents about the things that start with the letter Ww?

Making Jelly is so much fun. Can you explain to your parents the steps for how to make jelly?

Ask your child about the highlight of their week.

Tell me about some one you played with?

Tell me about the letters you learnt, the sounds they make and something beginning with that letter?


Come dressed as your future self on Friday

SMCM, you are superstars! We have now raised $1131 for Caritas!

This week our Caritas Friday connects to Oliva’s story. Oliva is from the Solomon Islands and she was unable to read, write or count. Caritas Australia helped to give her a future by enrolling her in Literacy and Numeracy classes.

Help Caritas support others like Oliva by dressing up as your future self and donating a gold coin on Friday!

P.A.I.R Reading Books

Hi Foundation Families,

We have been having a great week so far at SMCM.

Thank you to those who have returned your black SMCM ‘Take Home Reading’ folders.

You will receive your take home reading folders back each Thursday with a different P.A.I.R Reading book. Please record the nights read in the yellow Home Reading Book.  These folders will need  to be returned to  school on Monday to allow us time to clean and swap over the books for Thursday.

We hope that you are enjoying  reading with your child.

Thank you,

Clara, Sarah, Diana, Nicole.

Weekly Highlights Term 1 Week 5.

What a wonderful week we have had in Foundation.

These are some of the things we have done this week…


  • Practised our letters and sounds using some cued articulation and different texts
  • Learned some High Frequency Words.  I ,am,can, it, is, the, on, me.


  • We developed our skills by showing different ways to make a number. 


  • For Lent we have been reflecting on how we can stay connected to God during prayer time and throughout the day.
  • We talked about some Lenten Action that we might do during this time to stay closer to God. 


  • We made some new friends 
  • Discovered knew learning areas
  • Developed new skills 

Language experience 

  •  making some ‘Face Sandwiches’ 
  • We developed the skills to explore new vocabulary and write a sentence about our experience. 

Can you show us some different ways to make 10, around your home?

Can you practice some sentences using these words? 

What are some of your highlights of the week ?

See you all next week. 

Nicole, Clara, Diana and Sarah.