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  1. cfabri says:

    Hi Opals and Pearls, I have just been exploring the Starfall Literacy Activities link. I made ‘at’ words and ‘ig’ words. Can you make words with the rime units ‘at’ and ‘ig’? All you have to do is click on the Starfall Literacy Activities link and then find ‘at’ and ‘ig’.
    Have fun- Cate

  2. Crystal Dsouza says:

    Hi Cate Crystal says hi to you & waiting to come back to school.
    She made few words with ig.
    big pig dig

  3. Josephine says:

    Hi, we are trying to use sunshine online but it won’t open any of the activities once we log in. Is there something we should be doing? Thanks Josephine

  4. crystal dsouza says:

    Sunshine Online good to learn. I learnt some new high frequency words and matched them. I love it. Crystal

      • crystal dsouza says:

        Hi Cate I am back on Sunshine online today. I learned the words with, this,that have,do ,like.
        Crystal says it is tricky and hard.
        Having good time with LouLou.

  5. crystal dsouza says:

    Crystal is back on blog today as the PC had gone for repair . Crystal says she is happy and excited today as she won her first farm award. She will work hard to win more awards. She enjoyed her discovery learning time at school.
    She wants to do some Maths today on Sunshine learning.

  6. crystal dsouza says:

    Hi Cate, It was my first time that I was on Starfall Literacy Activities. I liked it very much. I made words with an,at,en. Also read the book Zac the Rat. I had lot of fun.
    Have a good long weekend everyone…Crystal
    Hi Cate, This is Monica Crystal’s mum, I could not find much about Maths other than counting numbers in any of these websites. Is there anything else I can look?

    • cfabri says:

      Hi Crystal,
      It is wonderful that you are really exploring the Starfall Literacy Activities. There are lots of rhyming words in the book Zac the Rat. Can you remember some of the rhyming words? Cate:)
      Hi Monica,
      Thank you so much for the feedback. In the near future, we will post some additional links relating to other areas of Mathematics on the blog.

  7. crystal dsouza says:

    Hi Cate I did go through the new maths links but Crystal hasn’t tried them yet. We will soon

  8. Crystal Dsouza says:

    Hi Cate today I was back on Star fall Literacy. I read two books one about bees and my mum helped me. I also read a book about spiders myself.
    Mum said I did good reading.

    From Crystal

    • cfabri says:

      What a great idea Christeena. It is fantastic to explore the Sunshine Online link on our Blog. Did you learn any new information after rereading the texts? I often remember and discover more information when I reread information more than once.

  9. christeena says:

    Cate I read books from sunshine online. I liked it I read a book about insects I learned the body parts
    from christeena..

    • cfabri says:

      Hi Christeena,
      Great job! Sunshine online is a fantastic resource to help us with our learning. The book about insects reminded us that all insects have three body parts. Can you name each body part?

  10. Crystal says:

    Hi Cate I too read about the Beetles life cycle and Keeping safe. I understood they are harmful for garden plants and other small insects.

    • cfabri says:

      Wow Crystal, it is great that you are rereading the texts we are reading in our learning studio at home. What do you like most about the book called, My Skeleton?

  11. Thomas says:

    I enjoyed reading the “HOW DO THEY MOVE” story. I liked how I could choose the types of actions an animal or a person does to move. I also enjoyed watching the animals move particularly the dolphin. Th

    • cfabri says:

      How do they Move? is a great book. It is wonderful how you are looking at Sunshine Online at home. Well done Thomas. I think the video clips are a great inclusion in the story. Did you learn any new words? If so what were they and what do they mean?

  12. Thomas says:

    I really enjoyed reading ” what is a bee”? I like how they make a bee hive and keep it clean. I think they are really smart.
    Bees can be dangerous to people if they allergic to them, that’s why it’s better you stay away from them. When a bee stings you, it dies.

    • cfabri says:

      Hi Thomas,
      It is great the way you are rereading the books we are reading at school. Great work! Can you remember the two types of bees mentioned in the book, What is a Bee?

      • cfabri says:

        Thomas, You have read the information carefully. I was interested in reading that some bees are social and others spend time by themselves, they are called solitary bees.

  13. catherinac says:

    hi foundation students, My sister ( Angelica Correya) has been telling me all about sunshine online she really likes all the resources there and it helps her with her learning.
    Cheers Cathy. C

    • cfabri says:

      Hi Cathy,
      Thanks for your feedback:)
      Sunshine Online is a great resource. Have you been reading the books and completing the activities with Angel?
      Does Angel have a favourite book that she enjoys to read?

  14. Charli.jeal says:

    Hi, hope everyone has been enjoying their holidays 🙂
    I like going on the blog with my mummy and playing letter games, I really like doing the “Who am I?” activity it was fun
    From Charli Jeal

    • cfabri says:

      Hi Charli, Hope you are having a great holiday. I am really happy that you like going on our blog and exploring the different games and activities. Can you explain to everyone where you have to go to play the “What am I?” game because they may want to play it also. I am looking forward to seeing you all on Monday. I can’t wait to hear about your holidays.

    • cfabri says:

      Hi Elroy, I love the way you approach your learning. You always try your best and I love it when you ask quesstions and share your learning with others. Keep up the great work:)

  15. Elroy Nazareth says:

    Hi Cate Elroy loves to learn with you Cate because you are the best teacher in the whole wide world.

    • cfabri says:

      Hi Elroy the Super Learner,
      What have you enjoyed learning this week?
      What was your favoourite learning station that you explored during Discovery Learning on Monday?
      Are you looking forward to the excursion tomorrow? Don’t forget to wear a warm coat.

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