When the using the internet and our tech devices we need to be cybersafe at all times. Learn how to be cybersafe with the videos and activities below. Let us know what you think of these activities by leaving us a comment. Parents can play too! 😉

What to do with POP UPs!


Be safe with Hector’s World


Zippep’s Astro Circus

NOTE: You’ll need to make a login. Ask someone in your family for help with this.

Zippep's Astro Circus

Parent’s Guide to Online Safety

Parent Handbook Cybersmart

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  1. Christian Simba's brother ☆ says:

    Well done pearls and Opals you always need to stay safe this is a perfect tool to help you

    • niveda says:

      Yes, everyone do need to be safe at this tool! Well done for reading this
      very interesting form.Well done!!!

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