Remote Learning Update

Hello everyone! 

As you are aware we are back to remote learning as of today.  Hopefully we will be back at school on Wednesday!


Please find following some details for Monday and Tuesday:

There will be a 9.30am google meet to greet each other and explore learning activities for the day.

There will be targeted Google Meet sessions a 

Literacy Google Meet on Monday 

Maths Google Meet on Tuesday

You will find your child’s group on the Daily slides and here below.

Here is the Google Meet link – 

Please use your child’s Homegroup name as the access code.

You will need to ensure you are logged into your child’s Google account before jumping in the Google Meet (This can be found on Seesaw under the Google Meet folder).

If you need assistance with logging on to Google Meets please visit the Tech Tips tab on the Foundation blog:  

Please note: If you haven’t collected your child’s pack, please contact the school, to make time to collect them. 


General Information:


Sharing your child’s learning on Seesaw lets us know that they are ‘at school’ each day and allows us to keep track of their success and any challenges so that we can target our teaching where it is most needed.

Whenever your child completes work, we would appreciate you taking the time to take a quick photo or video and post it for us to see.

If you have multiple photos of the one task, please use the add page function to keep them in a single post.

Homegroup teachers will be providing some feedback on the learning through audio or text comments and through liking posts.


Please feel free to get in contact with us through email if you need anything. The teachers email addresses can be found on the Foundation Blog at 

We are here to support you during this time and are looking forward to working with you.

Thank you 

Clara, Diana, Nicole and Sarah. 

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