Friday’s Learning Slides

Welcome to FUN FRIDAY and your last day of remote learning from home for Term Three!

What an amazing journey we have been on together! We couldn’t be prouder of our incredibly flexible, resilient and amazing Foundation students. Throughout this experience you have brought us all so much joy and we have valued spending this time with you and your families. Thank you!

To our incredibly supportive, flexible and hard working families we are so extremely grateful for your patience, guidance and the time that has gone into ensuring your little ones felt safe, valued and loved.


Today there is an important SEESAW ACTIVITY for your child to complete in readiness for our first day back at school on Monday October 12. To celebrate being back together again we will be having a picnic and providing foundation students a free lunch order. Please note this is for Foundation students only. For catering purposes the order must be completed today. If you have any questions or dietary concerns, please notify your homegroup teacher via email.

Memory Box

All students will need a shoe box or another small box ready for Monday of Week 1.

We hope everyone has a relaxing and fun filled holiday. Make the most of this beautiful Spring weather and we look forward to seeing you all back on our screens ready for Week 1, Term 4 on Monday October 5.

With thanks and appreciation,

Anna, Katie, Narelle, Sandie and Tonina

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday | St. Martin's Episcopal Church

Good Morning fabulous Foundation students!
Welcome to Thankful Thursday!

Today we reflect on the wonderful gift of our world and thank God for all he has given us. What are you thankful for?

Take some time to reflect on this as you and your family participate in our Thanksgiving Liturgy, prepared by Sarah and the Junior teachers. Appreciate all the wonderful things in nature as you take a walk and create your own nature journal piece. Practise mindfulness by completing some of the mindfulness activities. Don’t forget to add to your Thankful Thursday page in your Wellbeing Week Journal!

We look forward to seeing you in our Morning Google Meets at 9am (9.15am for the Matildas homegroup)!

Enjoy the day, superstars!

– Narelle, Katie, Sandie, Anna and Tonina

A big good morning to you all!

You’re getting the hang of it now! Two days into Wellbeing Week and I had a sneak peek at some of your wellbeing journals, it looks like you’re having SO MUCH FUN. What a shame we all missed one square on the scavenger hunt yesterday because there were no clouds!

Today is Wellness Wednesday, a day all about slowing down and enjoying the world around you. You have three activities that you can complete in any order you like

Acts of Kindness

Painted Rock Swap



9am Google Meet – Homegroup Check In (9:15 for the Matildas)

Wellbeing Journal – upload your evidence of today’s learning and save it as a ‘draft’ in your Wellbeing Journal.

We hope you enjoy Wellness Wednesday!

Anna, Katie, Narelle, Sandie and Tonina



HAPPY TUESDAY to all our amazing Foundation Students and Families.

We hope you all enjoyed your ‘Make It Monday’ experience and are now looking forward to TEAM TUESDAY! Today is all about putting away your iPad or laptop so you can enjoy being active in this beautiful Spring sunshine.

9am Google Meet – Homegroup Check In

Wellbeing Journal – upload your evidence of today’s learning and save it as a ‘draft’ in your Wellbeing Journal.

Have an awesome day of ‘active’ learning Foundation!

Anna, Katie, Narelle, Sandie and Tonina


Welcome to the start of Wellbeing Week!

Welcome to Wellbeing Week.  We have got some really fun activities for you to take part in this week.  This week is all about having fun, being creative, accepting challenges and looking after yourselves!  We are all looking forward to having some fun together for our last week of Term 3.  A reminder that you will meet with your homegroup teacher every morning at 9am via Google Meet however, these will be the only Google Meets with your teacher this week.  Information on the 9am Google Meet check in has been shared with you by your teacher.  Have a great day and we will be checking in with you on Seesaw!

**Please take note about how to use the Wellbeing Journal this week as it needs to be saved as a draft each day until Friday.


Today’s Activities:

9.00am Google Meet check in with your teacher. (9:15 for the Matildas)


Live at 1pm or follow the video or choose your own

STEM design challenges:

Lego Masters or Cardboard Challenge


Plugged and Unplugged

  • Today’s Activities can be completed in any order
  • Each activity comes with options for your family to choose what will work best for you


Wellbeing Week Journal
All students will receive the following journal on Seesaw. It is an activity that can be used to reflect on the activities each day. It is important that students save the activity each day as a DRAFT and not hit the green tick. At the end of the week, students are asked to post the whole journal with their teacher by hitting the green tick once each days reflection has been made.


Make It Monday

Here are the slides for your activities today.  There are three activities a day, like usual.  For Activity 1, please ensure you use the Prep – Year 2 slide.

Friday Learning Activities

Happy Friday to you, Fabulous Foundation students!

Get excited — today we are getting creative and going on some adventures using our imagination! Have your recycled materials ready! I wonder what you will create today? What adventures will you and your creation go on? What will you see and hear?

We continue to explore counting patterns in Maths today and we are going to use our number strategies to solve a problem.

In Religious Education, we are also looking at how we can take action and care for God’s creation. What will you do to help someone today?

Just a reminder that next week is Wellbeing Week. Leadership and Specialist teachers have organised some awesome family wellbeing tasks for each day! We will have our morning Google Meets and there will be no focused teaching sessions.  

Enjoy your weekend, superstars! Take some time away from the screen and have fun with your family!

Have a great day!

– Katie, Sandie, Narelle, Anna and Tonina



Religious Education

Thursday 10th of September

Good morning foundation children and families. We have another exciting day of learning planned! And my goodness, it looks like it’s going to be a beautiful spring day as well. Make sure you get out and enjoy the sunshine during your break time today!

Have a wonderful day everybody
Anna, Katie, Narelle, Sandie & Tonina



RU Okay Day

Sustainability at SMCM

Good afternoon everyone! Check out the slides from the sustainability team. You can meet the students who are on the team, find out about SMCM’s sustainability challenge, and maybe even enter the Mobile Muster Film Competition! I have already seen one short film from a foundation student, so I know you can do it!

Wednesday’s Learning

Screenshot 2020-09-07 at 3.13.54 PM

Good Morning Foundation,

Today we are going to be chefs by creating a new dish while learning about action words called verbs. In Maths we will continue to look at patterns and in Religious Education we will reflect on our promises to God we made last week about taking caring of his creation.

REMINDER: You will need the following for Thursday and Friday.

Screenshot 2020-09-03 at 5.28.38 PM

Have a wonderful day of learning Foundation!

Anna, Katie, Narelle, Sandie and Tonina