Welcome Back Everyone!

After another long stretch of remote learning our Foundation students returned to school. There was great joy on Monday, as they arrived in their uniforms, but there was some nervousness too. The road has been long,  but they have been outstanding in their positivity and perseverance. They have faced this challenge with courage and with kindness, standing ‘strong and tall’ in the Mary MacKillop spirit. We are so proud of each and every one of them.

We have packed so much learning into our first three days.  We have read books that teach us about kindness and how that grows. We have checked in to see how we are feeling. We have headed outside and explored our environment. We checked in on our chickens and held their warm eggs in our hands. We climbed over rocks and crawled under trees and just when we think we can do no more we bounce back up and keep on going.  

We are learning how to be together again and enjoying listening to each other’s stories and laughter. Welcome back everyone!

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  • I wonder what you have enjoyed most about returning to school…
  • I wonder what you are looking forward to doing now that you are back onsite…

Welcome Back Foundation!

Welcome back Foundation! In anticipation of your arrival, we have created this short video to help you settle back into the school routines. You will notice lots of similarities to what we have been doing before Remote Learning.

We are so excited to have you back with us on Monday.