50 days celebration

Dear Families,

On Wednesday May 19th, the Foundation children will be celebrating their 50th day at school.

To help celebrate this milestone the children will participate in different activities related to the number 50 and the concept of half as we work our way to 100 days at school. 

In preparation for our 50 days celebration, we are asking all children to bring a ‘Collection of 50’ to school,

e.g. in a snaplock bag put in 50 pieces of macaroni, 50 dried beans, 50 paper clips, 50 beads/buttons or on a sheet of paper put 50 fingerprints or stickers.

Bring this to school on Wednesday to share with your class. Please do not bring your favourite toys. 

In keeping with this theme, we are inviting the children to wear their sports pants and a colourful top, to demonstrate the concept of half uniform and half casual clothes. Children should wear their sports shoes. 

If you are available to help with activities on this day, please let your home group teacher know, we will require help from 12.00pm until 1.00pm. please note there will be 2 parent helpers per homegroup. 

To ensure our Foundation students can engage in their activities we ask that younger siblings do not attend.

Thank you

Sarah, Diana, Clara and Nicole

Australian Early Development Census – the #AEDC2021

Along with most schools around the country, SMCM has been asked to participate in the fifth Australian Early Development Census – the #AEDC2021.

The #AEDC helps keep our kids on-track by measuring their development in Prep. Your child has brought home an information letter to help explain the AEDC and your child’s teacher will start the Census on 17/5/21.

Find out how the AEDC can benefit your children’s future and your community: www.aedc.gov.au/schools/school-storiesAustralian Early Development Census, An Australian Government Initiative. Our children, our communities, our future.


In Week 2 the Prep students had the opportunity to explore ‘What does Anzac day mean?’ by having a variety of stories read to them about Anzac Day.

Each Grade participated in making Anzac Biscuits, we followed a recipe and baked our own biscuits, whilst following good hygiene practices.

Students attempted to write about the experience and also completed a sequencing activity on ‘Making Anzac biscuits’. Most of the students agreed that the biscuits were delicious! The students used other adjectives to describe the biscuits, these included ‘soft’, ‘sweet’, ‘chewy’ and ‘yummy’.

The prep teachers wonder if you can bake your own biscuits at home and talk about the different steps you followed in the recipe. Were your biscuits as delicious as the ones you baked at school?

Home Learning Activities – For our Term 2 Inquiry Unit

As part of our Inquiry Unit ‘Ourselves, Our Community and Cultures’ we would like to invite the students to bring a picture, object or artifact that may have belonged that is significant to their family . Students will then share the memories and stories linked to their chosen object. Please ensure that they have their items by Wednesday 21st April 2021, as they will be presenting on this day.

Some ideas of what you might like to bring:

  • Copy of a photograph 
  • Toy
  • A piece of clothing
  • Book

During the term break students are also encouraged to fill out a book ‘My Family and our story’. This will help to support students when sharing information about themselves.

Thank you 

Sarah, Clara, Diana and Nicole

School photos tomorrow

Dear Parents and Guardians,

How exciting, tomorrow the Preps will have their first school photos.

Please remember to come dressed in your full summer uniform.

Warmest wishes,

Clara, Diana, Nicole and Sarah

Buy a Bee and be more for others this week!

This week is our final week of fundraising for Caritas Project Compassion. Students are invited to bring in a gold coin at any stage this week and buy a bee cutout, which can be decorated or they may choose to write their name on a pre-made bee (from their teacher)! They can then pin their bee to the wall located near the library galleria space. The aim is to have a swarm of Caritas bees on display by the end of the week!

How are you being more to others?

How many bees might we have on our wall by the end of the week?

St Joseph Feast Day Mass

Today we celebrated the Feast of St Joseph with our very first mass!

It was wonderful to share in a special celebration about a great saint. A saint who was an ordinary and humble man and who was the husband of Mary and foster-father of Jesus here on earth.

Watch the reflection video below and think about all the wonderful things you have discovered this week about St Joseph.
What connections have you made to your learning and to your own life?

As a family you might like to continue to share your learning using these questions:

Why was St Joseph a special person to so many people including Mary MacKillop?

How are you going to be more like St Joseph?

What did you notice when you were at mass today?

PAIR Reading Books

Dear Foundation Parents,

We are delighted to hear many parents are eager to swap the PAIR Reading books more than once a week.

We will now be changing these over on Monday’s and Thursday’s. If you would like a new book on these days please ensure to return the books in their reading folder. Happy Reading everyone.

Thank you,

Clara, Diana, Sarah, Nicole.