Book Week Parade

What an amazing day we had celebrating our curious creature/character from a book. Everyone looked sensational and the creativity was so amazing to see.

A big thank you to our wonderful families for the support this week, it was very much appreciated. It’s been a big transition back to learning at school and we are all exhausted so we hope you can all enjoy a restful 3 days.

Reminder: Don’t forget to check out our live Twitter feed of our parade from this morning!

Foundation Teachers


Following on from yesterday’s post about Book Week. All students will need to wear their runners as it is a Thursday and they will still have their specialist subjects.

Many thanks for the ongoing support!

Foundation Teachers

Thursday-Book Week Dress Up Day and Parade

Dear Foundation Families,

This Thursday is our dress up day for Book Week, so just a few reminders about the day.

  • Students may dress up as a creature or use their imagination to create a costume of their choice.
  • Students come to school wearing their costume.
  • Students will wear their costume all day so please make sure they are able to independently manage going to the toilet.
  • Students don’t need to wear their school uniform underneath their costume.
  • The Book Parade will be live streamed through Twitter at 9.30am.

We can’t wait to see all our amazing Foundation students dressed up!

Foundation Teachers

Term 4 Weekly Timetable

Dear Families,

What an amazing day we had being back together again and what glorious sunshine we had for our picnic and games afternoon! It brought us so much joy watching everyone reconnect and have so much fun together. We are sure we sent home some tired, but very happy students.

Thank you to everyone who remembered to send along summer hats, bookbags and orange pencilcases. If these weren’t at school today can you please pop them into your child’s bag tonight-much appreciated!

Please find our Term 4 Weekly Planner below and note that the Wallabies have a different sport day.

We hope you all enjoyed a little ‘me’ time today!

Anna, Katie, Narelle, Sandie and Tonina


Good Afternoon Foundation,

Not long to go now and we’ll all be back together again at school. We have been working hard today getting your homegroups all organised and Discovery Learning set up ready for you to explore, play and to have fun with your friends.

Please take time to watch the video to refresh what school will look like when you return on MONDAY.

See you soon amazing superstar learners!

Foundation Teachers

Last day of remote learning!!

Good morning to you all, can you believe it? It’s the last day of remote learning! What an amazing job you have all done! Parents, I have a special job for you today, we would be very grateful if you could write a letter for your child to put in their memory box. You can find the details in the Literacy slides today.

– Please wear sports uniform on Monday as we will be doing some fun activities throughout the day.
– On Monday all foundation students will be given a lunch order provided by the school, please just pack fruit and snacks in their lunchbox this day.
– Please bring your memory box to school on Monday so we can share them together.

Have a wonderful day, we are going to be at school today getting our learning spaces all ready for your return on Monday! We’ll see you all REALLY soon!

Friday learning activities



Thursday’s Learning Slides

Good Morning Foundation!

Here are today’s learning slides. Today we spend some time getting ready to come back to school by reflecting on what we have been grateful for. There’s a special letter to write to your teacher and in maths we continue to explore money by thinking about what money looks like.




We are so thankful for our time together during remote learning from home so let’s enjoy our last Thursday together over ‘screen’ time because NEXT Thursday we will be all together again!

Have a great day!

Anna, Katie, Narelle, Sandie and Tonina

Wednesday Learning Tasks

Good Morning Foundation!

Only THREE days of learning left and then we will back together again!
We are so excited to be seeing all of you! After reading your task from Monday, it sounds like you can’t wait to see your friends. What do you want to ask them when we return? Today we add these questions to our Memory boxes!

We also continue to explore how we can use money. You might like to collect some catalogues from your mailbox or in your recycle bin to help you complete today’s Maths task.

Finally, now that you have located your lunchbox, it’s time to think about what we might pack in it. Today we design our own healthy lunchbox!

Enjoy your Wednesday champions!

– Narelle, Sandie, Katie, Anna and Tonina





Specialist Tuesday!

Good Morning Foundation students and families,

Welcome to Terrific Tuesday. The Specialist teachers are very excited to share our last Remote Learning slides with you and can not wait to see you all next week onsite at SMCM!

Remember to log on to your 9am Specialist morning meet. Click on the link below and use the nickname prep to join the meet with all the Foundation students. I wonder which Specialist teacher will be taking your meet today?

Please email the Specialist teachers directly for technical issues and learning questions. Our emails are on the slides. We are excited to see your learning on Seesaw. Have a terrific day!

Jess, Yumi, Kristie, Lisa and Yolanda

Physical Education


Performing Arts

Welcome to Term 4!

Good Morning Foundation Students and Families!

We hope you have had a restful holiday and are ready for an exciting Term 4. We only have one more week of remote learning before we head back to school next week to share our learning together (YAY!!!) Your teachers are so excited and can’t wait to see you all. We have got some really exciting learning planned for you!

We have lots of learning tasks this week that will teach you new things, reinforce learnt concepts and lots of fun activities to get you ready for your return to school. Today in Literacy you will be making a Memory Box. It’s really important to keep this box safe because you will be adding special items to it all week and next Monday when you return to school, you will bring it with you! You will also have some fun with Money and a Treasure Hunt to find all of the items you will need for school next week. You’ll have so much fun!

Each homegroup teacher has sent out the Google Meet schedule for this week so please check Seesaw and emails for that information. If you are unsure of where to locate this information, please email your child’s homegroup teacher. Just a reminder that Tuesday remains a Specialist day where the children will enjoy learning in the areas of Japanese, Sport and Performing Art.

Have a great week everyone and we will see you all on Google Meets!

The Foundation Team



Treasure Hunt