All Saints Day

Wishing the SMCM community a blessed All Saints feast day!

On November 1st, we celebrate well known saints, like St Peter and St Mary of the Cross, as well as the saint-like qualities that we demonstrate.

Let us celebrate those people who live or have lived a life which is inspired by the words and actions of Jesus.

Is there someone in your life you consider to be a Saint? What qualities do they display that are similar to an older Saint? Take a moment to reflect with your family as you participate in our All Saints Day Liturgy.

27th of October, Prep Special Lunch

To celebrate our return to school we had a Special Party Lunch catered for by Lunch Mums! It went off with a hit and it was obvious that the children had a blast whilst consuming delicious foods such as fairy bread, party pies, sausage rolls, biscuits, lollies, fruit salad and lollies!!! To burn off their excess energy, children boogied to some tunes and had a play on the playground! We bet they came home a little more exhausted than usual! Foundation students, thanks for making the day so much fun.

  • I wonder if you have enjoyed coming back to school?
  • I wonder what other special things you have done to celebrate the end of lock down?





Special Party Lunch on Wednesday 27th October.

Monday 25th October, 2021

Dear Foundation Parents, 

It has been so lovely to have our Foundation students back onsite. We want to  acknowledge our children and their fantastic attitudes, flexibility and adaptability, whilst facing the many disruptions of an unpredictable 2021. 

To celebrate our return to school we are having a special party lunch on Wednesday 27th October. This party lunch will be provided at school by the Lunch Mums. 

The menu will be: 

  • Fairy bread 
  • Mini sausage roll and party pie 
  • Fruit salad 
  • Tic toc biscuit dessert with a freckle and marshmallow 
  • Sugar free soft drink 

Alternative menu items have been provided for children with allergies. Please send your child with their brainfood, snack and drink bottle. No other lunch is required.

We look forward to celebrating with our students on Wednesday.  

Kindest Regards, 

Nicole, Sandra, Clara and Sarah

Matrix for students learning from home

Dear Foundation Families,

We understand that during this time there may be circumstances where your child may be learning from home due to being in Isolation.

We have developed a learning matrix for your child to access some learning whilst they are at home.

Using the matrix and the tabs on the Foundation blog; resources and videos are there to help connect your child to some of the learning that is happening at school.

Thank you

Clara, Nicole, Sandra and Sarah.


Weekly Reminders in Foundation

Dear Foundation Families,

Below are the Foundation Weekly reminders for the next 2 weeks for Term 4.

When  we return to full time onsite learning these will be updated and posted to the blog.

Due to covid we are unable to send home take home books and library books.

We encourage you to use the Sunshine Online platform, SMCM virtual library and Story box online to practice reading.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Monday morning at school.

Stay safe and have a lovely weekend.

Clara, Nicole, Sandra and Sarah.

Friday 22nd Daily slides

Below are the Specialist slides for today.

There will be a Specialist journal posted to seesaw to upload all of the learning onto today.

See you at 9:30am in our morning Google meets.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend.

We look forward to seeing all your smiling faces at school on Monday.

Clara, Nicole, Sarah and Sandra.

Welcome Back Everyone!

After another long stretch of remote learning our Foundation students returned to school. There was great joy on Monday, as they arrived in their uniforms, but there was some nervousness too. The road has been long,  but they have been outstanding in their positivity and perseverance. They have faced this challenge with courage and with kindness, standing ‘strong and tall’ in the Mary MacKillop spirit. We are so proud of each and every one of them.

We have packed so much learning into our first three days.  We have read books that teach us about kindness and how that grows. We have checked in to see how we are feeling. We have headed outside and explored our environment. We checked in on our chickens and held their warm eggs in our hands. We climbed over rocks and crawled under trees and just when we think we can do no more we bounce back up and keep on going.  

We are learning how to be together again and enjoying listening to each other’s stories and laughter. Welcome back everyone!

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  • I wonder what you have enjoyed most about returning to school…
  • I wonder what you are looking forward to doing now that you are back onsite…