Daily Slides Friday 17th September

Today marks the last day of term 3!

What a wonderful term 3 we have celebrated together, full of laughter, lots of learning and fun!

Even though we have been in remote learning all term, you have all done an amazing job and should be very proud with all you have achieved this term. One more term and then we are in grade 1 !!

Today is Diana’s (Hope Homegroup Teacher) last day at SMCM.

We wish Diana all the best on her new journey at her new job. You will be extremely missed by all.  We were all very fortunate to share our first year at SMCM with you.

Come back and visit us!

We wish you a very happy holidays. Enjoy the break, get lots of rest and most importantly stay safe.

See you next term everyone !



Australian Reading Hour

Hi Foundation parents and students,

Today is Australian reading hour day. We encourage you to stop what you’re doing and read for an hour today!

Watch the video below to hear from some Authors and illustrators and learn how to draw, how to tell your own story and how to read the stars in the night sky.

Here is a quote from a famous Australian Author Mem Fox.

You might know her stories such as:

‘If you pick up a book that you don’t like. DO NOT finish it! Because if you finish it and you still don’t like it, you will think that you don’t like reading. It’s not that you don’t like reading, it’s that you don’t like reading that book.’

Enjoy your Reading hour!

Clara, Diana, Nicole, Sarah.