P.A.I.R Reading Books

Hi Foundation Families,

We have been having a great week so far at SMCM.

Thank you to those who have returned your black SMCM ‘Take Home Reading’ folders.

You will receive your take home reading folders back each Thursday with a different P.A.I.R Reading book. Please record the nights read in the yellow Home Reading Book.  These folders will need  to be returned to  school on Monday to allow us time to clean and swap over the books for Thursday.

We hope that you are enjoying  reading with your child.

Thank you,

Clara, Sarah, Diana, Nicole.

Weekly Highlights Term 1 Week 5.

What a wonderful week we have had in Foundation.

These are some of the things we have done this week…


  • Practised our letters and sounds using some cued articulation and different texts
  • Learned some High Frequency Words.  I ,am,can, it, is, the, on, me.


  • We developed our skills by showing different ways to make a number. 


  • For Lent we have been reflecting on how we can stay connected to God during prayer time and throughout the day.
  • We talked about some Lenten Action that we might do during this time to stay closer to God. 


  • We made some new friends 
  • Discovered knew learning areas
  • Developed new skills 

Language experience 

  •  making some ‘Face Sandwiches’ 
  • We developed the skills to explore new vocabulary and write a sentence about our experience. 

Can you show us some different ways to make 10, around your home?

Can you practice some sentences using these words? 

What are some of your highlights of the week ?

See you all next week. 

Nicole, Clara, Diana and Sarah. 

P.A.I.R Reading Books


The Foundation students have had a great day of learning. Today they will come home with their PAIR Reading Book. The book’s story is designed to be read aloud to your child. Remember to give your child time and lots of encoragement when responding to the questions and prompts. Please  record your child’s book using the Home Reading Log provided in their bag.

We look forward to hearing all about the wonderful stories they have read. Happy reading Everyone!

  • I wonder what book you’re going to read….
  • I wonder if you can tell us what characters were in your story…
  • I wonder what your favourite part of the story was…






Wear a splash of blue on Friday for Caritas!

Last week we raised an amazing $541 for Caritas Project Compassion. Well done SMCM – giving to others (almsgiving) is an important part of Lent and it helps us to become closer to God.

This week’s Caritas Friday fundraiser links to Margret’s story. Margaret is a teacher at a vocational school for deaf students in the Solomon Islands. Margret and her students face water shortages and they have to walk off campus twice a day to collect safe drinking water. 


How would you feel if you were Margret?

How did Caritas help Margret and her students?


Foundation Parent Information Session

Dear Parents,

The video below is a shorter version of the Parent Information Evening we had hoped to provide at school. We thank you for your understanding as we ensure we continue to operate in a COVID safe way.

We encourage you to ask any questions in the comments below so we can share our responses with all parents. If you have a question then someone else will have the same one too!

Cooking Language Experience!

This week we are learning about the letter ‘S’ sound.

As a language experience we will be making sandwich faces tomorrow. The students will have the opportunity to make their own sandwich face and eat it afterwords.

If you would like to read ‘The Face Sandwich’ together you can access it from Sunshine online.

Have a lovely evening,

Clara, Nicole, Sarah, Diana.

SMCM Caritas Friday tomorrow

Tomorrow is our first Caritas Friday!

Wear your favourite piece of clothing with your uniform and bring a gold coin donation!

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We begin our annual Lenten Project Compassion fundraiser this week with our first Caritas Friday. This week’s theme is connected to the first Project Compassion story of Jamila, a single mother living in the world’s largest refugee camp in Bangladesh. With the support of Caritas Australia, Jamila learnt to sew and uses this skill as income to support her family.

Be More’ for others in Lent and DONATE to Caritas!